We Tried 7 of the Summer's Biggest Makeup Trends

Article by Allure

It’s 2018 and in my opinion, makeup trends are a thing of the past. I’ve had the unique perspective of covering them both before
the birth of Instagram (let's call it BIE...Before the Instagram Era) and after (IE... Instagram Era) and I can confidently say
that the social media platform has, in addition to bringing
terms like FOMO and hashtags into our daily lexicon, caused
the demise of makeup trends as we know it.


The days of magazines telling you that "Fall is about playing with texture" and “this season's statement-making lip color is a vibrant blend of pink and purple” — both lines I've written at some point over my nine years here at Allure — are over. A trend that debuted at spring fashion shows in September can't possibly stay in our collective consciousness until April or May. On Instagram, makeup trends have a shelf life of a month or two — sometimes half a year if it’s really popular (see: mermaid beauty and rose gold everything). Add that to the fact that makeup artists on IG are constantly creating new looks and trying out new products (because new lines and collections launch every single damn day), there's no way you can get everyone on the same page about wearing one shade of eyeliner for a full three months of the year. (And honestly, who would want that anyway?) That's not to say that I think the makeup we see backstage at Fashion Week isn't important. It provides us with inspiration and introduces us to new ideas, whether you’re a young makeup artist working on an editorial shoot, a makeup brand designing a new palette, or just a normal person trying to figure out what to wear on your face for your next formal event. The makeup looks we see backstage are more of a suggestion than a credo. Which is exactly what we've done with the "trends" we saw backstage at the spring/summer 2018 runway shows. We selected the biggest shadow, liner, blush, and lipstick moments of the season and asked makeup artist Grace Ahn and photographer Christine Hahn to reinterpret them for us in their own fresh, easy, and utterly cool way. No one's telling you that you have to wear yellow eye shadow or red-hot blush this summer. But after scrolling through these beautiful images, we have a feeling you might be convinced to give them a go.


Hot Cheeks

Like so many things that have happened in fashion and beauty over the past 12 months, you can thank Rihanna for this one. Here's what happened: At her Fenty x Puma spring 2018 show — the first show where Fenty Beauty was used backstage — RiRi sent models down the runway with metallic pink, coral, and purple blush that stretched from their temples down to their cheeks in an exaggerated "C" shape (or as beauty nerds call it, "draping"). "Highlighter doesn't have to be flesh tone," makeup artist Hector Espinal said at the show. And everyone seemed to be in agreement about that because we then saw it for the next three weeks at shows like Area NYC, Valentino, Kenzo, and Giorgio Armani.

For this look, Ahn swapped out shimmery, cool colors for matte, warm tones of red and orange, dusting the orange powder (M.A.C. Blush in Loudspeaker) around the temples and the red powder along the cheekbones (M.A.C. Blush in Frankly Scarlet). "In terms of placement I use the red like a contour and the orange like a highlight," Ahn explains.


Slick Lips

It's baaaaaaack. With better technology allowing for makeup companies to create more luxurious, non-goopy lip glosses and innovative oil-based lipstick formulas, shiny lips are making a slow and steady comeback after years of people obsessing over super-matte mouths. And there's no right or wrong way to wear the look. Pair it with eye shadow or have it be your single makeup statement like Ahn chose to do for the photo above. And while most of the glossy lips we saw on the runways were deep, dramatic shades of plum and burgundy, I love the idea of bare lips drenched in crystal-clear shine during the summer. Ahn broke out the makeup artist-favorite M.A.C. Clear Lipglass and painted it onto the lips with a flat, synthetic brush. Want to bring gloss back into your makeup bag? Then check out our extensive list of the best new lip gloss formulasrecommended by the pros.


Rhinestones as Makeup

It's no wonder everyone backstage at the spring 2018 shows was scrambling to download the Kirakira app (the iOS app that amps up the twinkle and shine while you're taking an iPhone video) — there were sparkly crystals everywhere: In the hair, on the eyes, across the cheekscovering the lips. You name it, rhinestones were glued to it.

In the above image, Ahn used Swarovski crystals in place of eyeliner, adhering them along the top and bottom lash lines with eyelash glue, and placing a single stone at the inner corners to really add some oomph to the look. "Not only does that crystal in the inner corners look pretty, but it also brings focus to the eyes and brightens up the whole area," Ahn explains.


Slashes of Silver

Normally associated with the cooler months and winter holidays, silver is an unexpected metallic for the summer months, especially when it's free of chunky or obvious glitter. And when worn with subtle pink cheeks and lips and easy hair, silver can look just as sexy as the warmest, most smoldering bronze or copper shadow.

To achieve the molten metal effect on the lids, Ahn mixed M.A.C. Silver Pigment with M.A.C. Mixing Medium Gel, creating a silver paint with a chrome-like finish that she then painted all over the lids, just past the creases. Don't feel like playing product developer? Try Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Tattoo Metal Cream Eye Gel Eye Shadow in Silver StrikeMake Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Silver, or e.l.f. Aqua Beauty Molten Liquid Eye Shadow in Cool Steel, all of which you can apply right out of the jar or tube and onto your skin.


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