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Best of Beauty Awards 2018: The Best Lipsticks, Balms, Glosses, and More

It's not what you say, but how you say it. That's something we've all known to be true at some point. Maybe it's not just how you say something, though, but what your lips are wearing when you say it. A bold, matte red? A dazzling glittery gloss? Or just a near-naked layer of balm? No matter what the message is, the messenger — your mouth — has the fun job of delivering your thoughts while its painted in some of the best shades and finishes.

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NYFW Spring 2019: The Best Hair and Makeup Looks on the Runways This Season

New York City, of all of the four cities that host fashion weeks to debut the spring or fall ready-to-wear collections, has a reputation for being the tamest when it comes to beauty. Fresh-faced makeup and simple hairstyles reign supreme on the New York runways, so much so that, in past seasons, beauty editors would take bets on how many ponytails we'd see in a week.

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We Tried 7 of the Summer's Biggest Makeup Trends

It’s 2018 and in my opinion, makeup trends are a thing of the past. I’ve had the unique perspective of covering them both before the birth of Instagram (let's call it BIE...Before the Instagram Era) and after (IE... Instagram Era) and I can confidently say that the social media platform has, in addition to bringing terms like FOMO and hashtags into our daily lexicon, caused the demise of makeup trends as we know it.

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