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Best of Beauty Awards 2018: The Best Lipsticks, Balms, Glosses, and More

It's not what you say, but how you say it. That's something we've all known to be true at some point. Maybe it's not just how you say something, though, but what your lips are wearing when you say it. A bold, matte red? A dazzling glittery gloss? Or just a near-naked layer of balm? No matter what the message is, the messenger — your mouth — has the fun job of delivering your thoughts while its painted in some of the best shades and finishes.

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5 Spectacular Beauty Trends That Swept the London Runways This Week

Leave it to London to take some of New York Fashion Week’s most arresting beauty moments and imbue them with a welcome bit of grit. The second installment of fashion month saw a whirlwind of general vibrance and inventive styling moves commingling with the collections, unabashed expressions peppering the graying days with flecks of can’t-look-away color—in shade and character alike. 

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The Best Beauty From NYFW S/S '19

For one more season at least, beauty looks were the stars of New York Fashion Week. S/S '19 showcased endless swatches of color with models in cropped pastel haircuts, dramatically long nails, vibrant blush, heads full of living greenery and florals... Tom went, saw, took notes—and lots and lots of photos. Scroll through for your own viewing pleasure and just try to pick a favorite.

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