These Natural Deodorants Will Actually Keep You Fresh All Day


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People have started paying attention to what's exactly inside their deodorant, which makes sense, because it's something most of us mindlessly apply to our armpits every day.


For years, rumors have swirled that there's a solid link between certain cancers and the aluminum chloride and parabens found in antiperspirants. Although that may not be proven, what is certain is that many chemical antiperspirants are made with ingredients that aren't entirely in line with the clean, green beauty movement.

Now, if the switch to natural deodorant is appealing to you, bear in mind that you will notice a difference when you make the change, because chemical antiperspirant and natural deodorant work differently. Your sweat glands, which have been clogged by aluminum salts, will have, well, a bit more freedom to perform their proper bodily functions. Though the floodgates won't necessarily open, there may be a transitional stage when you're more aware of your underarm sweating. Eventually, your body will reach its natural equilibrium.

The natural deodorants ahead are worth sticking it out through that transitional period — fresh, paraben-free pits that actually smell like roses and bergamot are waiting on the other side.



So maybe you're a tough customer, someone who wants to make the switch to natural deodorant but has found them all too ineffective, too expensive, or too ugly. For you, Goldilocks, there is Myro, a new brand that is reimagining the natural-deo category as you know it. Through its website, the direct-to-consumer company lets you pick one of five sleek refillable cases and one of five perfume-worthy scents for a total of $10. Subscribe, and a month later you'll get three new scent cartridges ($10 per) delivered to your door, ready to be popped in. Beyond being aesthetically- and olfactorily (is that a word?)-pleasing, the formula is free of aluminum, parabens, phthalates, talc, or baking soda, too.

Deodorant, $10.00, available at Myro.



Follain, a retailer that's leading the clean beauty charge, has launched its first deodorant, Undercover Agent Deodorant, which is aluminum-, paraben-, baking soda-, and cruelty-free. Instead, it's got ingredients like activated charcoal and cornstarch to absorb moisture. The scent is a pleasing mix of bergamot and tea tree oil, which makes it smell more like a fine perfume than a deodorant.

Undercover Agent Deodorant,$14.00, available at Follain.


Megababe Beauty

Megababe, the brand that brought you that ingenious anti-chafing stick called Thigh Rescue, has a deodorant that can't stop selling out. Aluminum-, alcohol-, paraben-, and baking soda-free, Rosy Pits has a passionate fanbase and waitlists with 5,000+ people. The brand recommends allotting about two weeks for armpits to adjust to the formula, but the adjustment period is worth it because the stick's lovely light rose scent lingers all day long.

Rosy Pits, $18.00, available at Megababe Beauty.



This dermatologist-recommended deodorant provides superior, long-lasting odor protection. Soothing essential oils blend with powerful antioxidants and beta-glucan technology for daily defense and nourishment — and it smells downright dreamy, too.

The Healthy Deodorant ,$12.00, available at Lavanila.


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