These Nail Trends Are Extra In The Best Way


Article by Refinery29

When we think about beauty trends straight off the runway, most people tend to focus on the hair and the makeup. (Who wouldn't take notice of a look that features glitter-coated eyebrows and structured ponytails with neon hair extensions?) Still, year after year, there's a tinier detail that gets overlooked: the nails.


But finally, people are paying attention to the small things. As you've probably learned this year — thanks to countless fruity art and jelly press-ons — nail art is cool. In fact, almost everyone we know is trying some form of an Instagram-spun nail look for fall. But what if you want something fresh and new?

Luckily, there were plenty nail designs on the runways this season, and we're prepared to copy — or pull inspiration — from every last one. In fact, it'd be a total waste not to. Ahead, the best (and most extra!) trends to try for fall.

Negative Space

Inspired by the bits of skin showing on the runway at Oscar de la Renta, Miss Pop decided to take two trends — half moons and negative space — and turn 'em into one. It's sophisticated, sexy, and eventually, saves you money on frequent manicures because you'll be able to go weeks before removing.


If we ever got a passport to Wonderland, we'd certainly need a protective eye watching our every move. (Remember those sweet-turned-sour, talking flowers?) The make-believe escape was the theme of Alice & Olivia's spring show, so Miss Pop, lead manicurist for KISS, created this protective design.


It's not unheard of for a nail artist to pull inspiration from the fabric in the designer's collection. Case in point: Julie Kandalec's gingham-printed manicure at Opening Ceremony, which used two classic Essie polishes Licorice and Marshmallow. If you're looking to try this at home, make sure to invest in plenty of striping nail brushes.

3-D Texture

If there were a volume dial on nail art for fall, consider it turned all the way up. Sure, your bank account and lifestyle won't allow for over-the-top, bedazzled nails at home, but that doesn't mean you can't try and recreate the 3-D texture with some chic press-ons.


However, the reverse French manicuremight just be our favorite, especially when considering the subtle juxtaposition of color seen at Veronica Beard. Nail artist Betina Goldstein created these vibrant nails pulling inspiration from the extra-long tips seen throughout the '80s. Copy the look by painting each nail in two coats of Essie Really Red polish, then rimming the nail (just below the cuticle) with Essie Bachelorette Bash.


'80s Neons

We've been noticing it for weeks, but it's official: '80s nail colors are back. In Alice & Olivia's Wonderland, the throwback trend came in the form of fluorescent KISS press-ons.


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