How to make grey hair the
new it thing
in your life

With age comes knowledge and wisdom, but above all there is the matter of the hair, which man and woman have been debating over decades. Here is a complete list of products that will help you pull this look and take the prize home.

Here's How to Pull off Robert Pattinson's Hair

Robert Pattinson is a hair god from an ancient civilization. A very angsty and hormonally charged civilization. He came out the gates in the late aughts with quintessential Sensitive Teen hair. He's been rocking that textured, disheveled mop for years. And it's really worked for him.

The Best Aftershaves
for Stopping
the Burn

After a shave, your skin can break out for any number of reasons. Maybe you didn’t warm it effectively beforehand, or you used an old, germ-ridden razor. There’s a specific shaving process, from pre-shave prep to post-shave conditioning, and you must follow the prescribed rules if you want to avoid redness and irritation.

The Best Moisturizers with SPF Will Preserve Your Good Looks for Years to Come

It doesn't matter if it's cloudy. It doesn't matter if you're inside all day long. Wearing SPF is something you should do every day. Whether you see the evidence in the mirror yet or not, sun damage is a major factor in a variety of skincare issues including signs of aging and, yep, skin cancer.

5 Ways a Beach Day Will Make You Even Better Looking

After a few days at the beach this winter, I was feeling all kinds of refreshed. Like anyone, I was more relaxed than I would be during the work week. However, it was more than that: I felt like I just had a top-notch facial and full-body skincare treatment.

How to Grow an Afro Out And Keep It Looking Great

If you haven't noticed, the afro is having a style moment.

It's hard to pin down exactly what's behind the resurgence of a classic haircut. Between Colin Kaepernick's courageous protest, the throwback sounds of Bruno Mars, and Odell Beckham Jr. doing basically whatever he wants, the afro—once relegated to grainy YouTube footage of Dr. J—has re-awakened.