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The Best European Toothpastes Will Give Your Teeth a Vacation

Of all the grooming products you might conceivably use, none is more important than the one you put directly into your mouth hole. And yet, conventional American toothpastelacks a certain romance. The packaging feels profoundly dentist-y. The flavors range from Clean Mint to, uh, Herbal Mint. Brushing your teeth with that stuff does not feel like grooming. It feels like homework.

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Dry Shampoo Is the Product Your Grooming Routine Is Missing

If you thought dry shampoo wasn't made for you, think again. The product might be heavily marketed toward women, but its insides know no gender. Although there are many variations, the general function is this: They sop up oils and reduce product build-up, so your hair doesn't look greasy or feel gross. Use them to extend your hair's life in between washes without feeling moppish. These are some of the best.

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The Right Product for Every Type of Hair. (Yes, Even Yours.)

When you were a kid, great-looking hair meant little more than a bottle of Prell and a dry towel. But now that you're a grown up, you've probably come to realize that proper hair care requires a bit more effort. And to compound that, what you use can change based on how long your hair is, what style you want it in, and what type of hair you have. Because the simple fact is, there is no magic bullet that will do all things for all hair types.

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