The Complete Guide to Body Waxing for Men


Article by Men's Health

From the pain level to the side effects.

In your head, waxing, whether at home or in a studio, probably just sounds torturous. Ripping, screaming, and of course, that infamous scene from The 40-Year-Old Virgin all come to mind.

But here's the thing: if you're determined to remove your hair, it's gotta come off somehow. And it's no simple feat to get the razor to hit the right spot on your back or to avoid an itchy, irritated chest. The only way to stave off those two painful phenomenas is a good, old fashioned wax.

So before you grab the wax and go to town, it's best to know exactly what you're in for – and how exactly it should be done.

According to Wax Club co-founder Marcy Kornblum, whose New York City waxing salon serves hundreds of people both male and female, it's nowhere near as bad as the image in your head.

In fact, it's quite the opposite. Here's how you can turn waxing from a red, hair-coated nightmare into a pain-free, hair-free dream. 


1. There are different kinds of wax. Beware.

Not all wax is necessarily created equal.

Hard wax, which Wax Club uses predominantly, tends to "take off more of the hair and it's less painful," according to Kornblum. Hard wax also tends to be more universal, best for different types or quantities of hair.

Soft wax, which is most commonly found on strips, tends to rip off the skin, making it more painful than its counterpart. Kornblum says soft wax is better for removing fine hair. "It's good for peach fuzz," Kornblum advises.

Whether you're going to the salon or doing it at home, be mindful of which type of wax you're using.


3. There are ways to prepare beforehand if you're nervous.

Yes, you could go with the usual pre-wax hacks of grabbing Ibuprofen or doing a shot of vodka to relax. Those things won't necessarily hurt, but the most foolproof way to face your fear is to do it head-on.

Kornblum advises you try waxing a small patch or do only one single, less intimidating area in order to make sure you're comfortable. Want to get everything below the belt waxed off? Try just doing your back first or only having a small area done in preparation. You'll get a sense for just how a wax actually feels.


2. No, it doesn't hurt that bad. Calm down.

Part of the pain, Kornblum says, is a mental game.

"If you go in and you're all tense and you're thinking it's horrible, it becomes a less enjoyable service," Kornblum says.

Instead, got into your wax with a positive or, at the very least, a realistic attitude. It's not going to be nearly as painful as it looks or sounds. It's particularly helpful if you've done your research beforehand and the salon environment is relaxing.


4. And afterward, you'll have to switch up your routine a little bit.

Immediately after you get a wax, you should avoid working out. And by avoid working out, we mean that it's a must that you skip the gym for the day. If you sweat heavily into the open, irritated pores, you're going to end up with bacne like you've never seen before. No thanks.


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