Five steps to the perfect Autumn Grooming routine


Article by Mr. Porter

Summer, we hardly knew ye. Despite being rather long and rather hot (at least at the MR PORTER HQ in London), the sun-kissed glows we’ve been nurturing all summer will soon be a distant memory.

One of life’s bitter truths: people just look better in summer. So, to prevent your complexion from sliding into a Gollum-like pallor and save your skin from the impending colder and drier weather, a little bit of pre-emptive maintenance is required. Below, we’ve outlined a few things to add to your grooming arsenal to keep you fresh when the leaves start falling.



You’ll want to be extra vigilant about stripping the skin of its natural defences in autumn. Try a kind, natural cleanser that will get skin squeaky clean but still let it retain some of its own oils. Dr. Jackson’smakes invariably powerful products that are also kind to skin, and its 07 Face Wash is no exception. Containing a smorgasbord of ingredients including mandarin, lemon and pomegranate fruit acids to exfoliate and tone, chamomile to reduce redness and baobab to moisturise, it’s just the thing to keep skin fresh in autumn. Alternatively, give the sweet-smelling Peach Nut Oil Cleanser from C.O. Bigelow a go – it’s a gentle, all-purpose product that can be used on your face, body and even in your laundry. Not bad right? We think that’s what Americans refer to as a “doozy”.


Peach Nut Oil Cleanser, 295ml


Age-Repair Lip Treatment Tri-Peptide Violet Leaf Extract, 3.8g



It happens to the best of us when the mercury drops, but nobody wants chapped lips. To keep things smooth, you’ll want to invest in a proper lip balmTom Ford will never see you wrong, and the brand does a trusty Hydrating Lip Balm that’s enriched with natural oils and vitamins to improve the look and feel of your lips. If anti-ageing is more your concern, give the Grown Alchemist’s Age-Repair Lip Treatment a go. It’s got ingredients that will stimulate collagen production.



While summer may have given your skin a glow, your hair is unlikely to be feeling overly sprightly; stronger UV rays from the sun plus swimming in the pool or sea can make it dry and brittle. To rescue it, you’ll need some conditioner. For that, consider SACHAJUAN’s Leave-In Conditioner, which you can spray on clean hair before styling to leave it looking and feeling stronger and healthier throughout the day, without any excess residue. When it comes to the shower though, few products will trump Patricks’ CD2 Moisturizing Conditioner – it contains an innovative recovery compound to stimulate growth and prevent hair loss, features a roster of top-quality ingredients, and has a punchy, masculine fragrance. “We gave our lab an unlimited budget to create the most luxurious conditioner on the market,” explains the brand’s founder, Mr Patrick Kidd. “Our benchmark for the product was actually a mask designed to stay on the hair for longer than a traditional conditioner, but after four years of testing we achieved the same performance with only a few minutes in the hair.”


Leave-In Conditioner, 250ml


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