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You’re not a real man without a morning routine. There’s more to a man’s morning routine than soap and water. Pimp your wash bag with the GQ-approved moisturisers and toners, beard oils and shaving gels

Hair and Body Cleanser
by Heinrich Barth

Heinrich Barth was one of the greatest travellers and explorers of the 19th century. The story of his life and his many adventures have inspired their brand. Under his name, they created their range of beauty products for your daily needs, sourcing the best ingredients from local flora around the world.

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Leaf Razor by Leaf Shave

Leaf Shave Co. builds all-metal razors that rival medical devices in their precision and engineering. Load the pivoting-head Leaf Razor with 1, 2 or 3 double-edge blades for a fully customisable experience. It just might be the perfect combination of classic wet shaving with the comfort of modern cartridges.

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Natural Shaving Products by Ahjayee

Ahjayee’s all-natural shaving products are all that is needed for pre and post shaving care. Conditioning Pre-Shave Serum preps the skin, Sandalwood Shaving Cream lubricates the skin whilst shaving, Sandalwood Aftershave Serum leaves the skin feeling soothed and the Moisturising Beard Oil provides hydration in-between shaves.

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Male Moisturiser by HUMANITY COSMETICS

HUMANITY COSMETICS is a premium male grooming brand. Responsibly sourced natural ingredients combined with the latest in skincare technology. Their Male Moisturiser is a multi-purpose, anti-ageing, daily lightweight hydrating fluid, specifically developed for male skin. 

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Hydrogel Under Eye Masks by Hommeface

Your dark circles and puffy bags have to go away! Refresh tired looking eyes with Hommeface’s Hydrogel Under Eye Masks in just 15 minutes. Meet those deadlines without wearing them on your face!

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