Six grooming tricks to hide your hangover


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Never is a comprehensive grooming regime more important than after a big night out. Trust us, we know. Presenting the best grooming products here to help

With the 21st annual GQ Men Of The Year Awards now a hazy halcyon memory (don't forget to see all the 2018 winners), never has an effective hangover grooming regime been more essential. From face packs to tackle puffiness to hydrating sachets to deal with dryness, we’ve got you and the morning after the night before covered.

01. Mix yourself a drink

This is totally untested scientifically, so I make no promises, but, personally speaking, I live and avoid dying by the Berocca-and-Dioralyte morning-after mix. The Dioralyte will replace any salts and electrolytes you may have lost the night before (trust me, you’ll have lost a few), while the Berocca will replenish your depleted vitamin stocks. Knock back a chaser of liver-restoring Morning Recovery (which contains the active cleansing ingredient of dihydromyricetin), which will help break down the toxins created by excessive alcohol intake. Follow this up with a litre or two of filtered water and you’ll be right as rain… hopefully.


02. Pack on a
cooling face mask

The calming and cooling effect of the cucumber and aloe in this mask will help reduce puffiness, redness and dryness. Excessive alcohol intake has a nasty habit of parching the skin, so follow this up with a heavy dose of intensively moisturising water gel from Clinique.


03. Use an eye mask

Sisley Paris’ intensively hydrating eye mask can be left on all day and, as a consequence, will deliver its intense hit of bag-fighting, black-ring-removing, intensively-moisturising technology slowly throughout the day – which is exactly how you need it on a hangover... things to be slow and steady.


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