The 8 Most Important Rules of Movember, Explained


Article by Men's Health

This November, it's time to grow your 'stache. Here's how and why.

No matter your facial hair preference, it's likely you're not much of a solo mustacheguy. It's rare that a mustache is seen without the companionship of a beard or goatee. A lone mustache is a pretty strong statement.

When November rolls around, though, a lone mustache takes on a whole new meaning. As Movember begins, the mustache begins to represent advocacy, conversation, and contributing to the benefit of your fellow man.

Here's how you can be a part of the movement in eight simple steps.

Rule 2: Pick your products.

To live your best life with your best mustache, you're going to need some handy products on your side.

You'll have to choose razor, which will help carve your facial hair and get rid of any unwanted hairs.

And because you're shaving, you're going to need a post-shave tonic or gel. This will help cool down and soothe any pesky irritation or redness.

Scraggly, scratchy hairs? Grab a beard oil and massage a couple tiny drops into your hair. It will soften and condition the follicles.



Rule 1: Start clean, set your sights, and sign up.

November. It's a new start, a new chapter. Time to start fresh. And the very best place to begin is with a bald face, including your upper lip.

Maybe you hate your face without hair or you're just not sure which style to go for. Either way, do some research, check out iconic 'stache styles, and focus on growing the goal. Part of that goal is signing up on You'll learn more about their different causes, can get involved even if you're not growing whiskers of your own, and be able to set up donations.


Rule 4: don't grow too much.

The whole point of Movember is to use your mustache for advocacy and discussion, not your beard.

Your mustache should be the star of the show and all other facial hair should be kept to a minimum, thanks to your razor and some product.

Rule 3: Grow, grow, grow!

This is the most integral step. Though it might be awkward to see yourself with demi-hairs wispily springing below your nose, it's necessary.

Eventually, the whole growth process will sort itself out and you'll hit your 'stache stride.


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