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The No-Nonsense Shaving Guide By Harry's

When it comes to grooming and, in this case, shaving, things can get unnecessarily complicated. Superfluous ointments, ostentatious razorsand over-the-top advice can make the simple act of running a blade over your face seem a task of gargantuan proportions. So it is with some relief that we introduce grooming brand Harry’s to MR PORTER.

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The Definitive Guide To Getting (And Keeping) A Good Self-Tan

I'm not sure what you've been told about self-tanning. Maybe that it's super casual, as easy as moisturizing your body, with no consequences or responsibilities, and that it always looks good and smells normal. For the love of St. Tropez, I have no idea who told you this because as a lifelong self-tanner, this has never been my experience. Self-tanning is a lifestyle, a commitment, like jumping headlong into a relationship after the first date—and the first date wasn't even dinner, it was just drinks around the corner from your office so there was no real reason to expect it to turn into anything.

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