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The Products That'll Bring Color-Damaged Hair Back From The Brink

You know those hair care commercials with the models frolicking through a field while tying knots with their shiny, totally-not-extensions hair? It's shiny and healthy and long and apparently used to be frizzy, but not anymore! Anyway, I got to do one of those commercials recently. Lil' old me. A hair dye company tapped me and my hair for a campaign—so I spent a few days frolicking and being transformed into a very colorful version of my regular, young professional self.

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How To Do The Most: A Hair Routine

I plan out when I’m going to wash my hair so I can plan out when I’m going to put effort into making my hair exactly the way I envision it to be. I respect people who can just “go” and still look like they have their life in order. However, I know at this point I look my best when my hair has a lot of effort behind it. I love my hair, but I love my hair more when I can manipulate its fate from humidity and pillows.

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