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The Pro Guide To Make Red Highlights Work On EVERY Color

We're down to bleach our hair to oblivion, or try coffee-colored balayage, but red hair — strawberry blonde, rusty copper, blazing auburn, and the like — has long been considered a color category reserved for the 2% of the population born with it. But as it turns out, those warm, red shades we're currently craving are totally achievable on every hair color. The trick is knowing what to ask for at the salon.

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These Scalp Products Are The Key To Healthy Hair

How many tricks, treatments, and formulas have you tried to keep your hair in optimum condition? From long-loved conditioners to next-gen serums, there’s an endless line of products out there promising to deliver the kind of swishy, shiny hair you see in ads. But what if, in the quest for our best hair yet, we’ve been neglecting something that can truly make a difference?

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The Secret Ingredient That Will Transform Your Greasy Hair

Clay has been a staple ingredient in skin-care formulations for years, thanks to its unparalleled ability to clarify, unclog congested pores, and stop excess oil production in its tracks. Fast forward to 2018, and the multitasking material is now slowly but surely making its way into the hair-care aisle, showing up in shampooshair masks, and styling products galore. So why did it take so long — and where should we start with adding it to our own hair routines?

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