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Hot Pink Hair! Printed Buzz Cuts!

The best accompaniment to a collection characterized by old school anarchy? Endless possibility as presented by buoyant parade of hair color, of course. Just days after Marc Jacobs sent a line-up of pastel above-neck confections down the runway, Matty Bovan took the trend to super-saturated levels, hairstylist Syd Hayes and colorist Josh Wood having created a series of cheeky manes perfectly matched to the show's layered ballgowns and exaggerated silhouettes.

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From Lebanon to Brazil, 5 Women Who Are Bringing Va-Va-Voom ’80s Hair Back

There are curls, and then there are ’80s curls. From Cher trading in her pin-straight, thigh-grazing bohemian lengths for buoyant, brushed-out coils to Janet Jackson bursting onto the scene with ringlets piled into a high-slung, half-up style, embracing (or faking!) spiraled texture—and then backcombing it toward the ceiling and setting it with clouds of hairspray—was a way of life during the more-is-more decade.

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