This Hair Product Might Make You Ghost Your Colorist


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It may sound odd, but hair color is like nail polish in a lot of ways. It looks fresh and shiny when you walk out of the salon, but dulls fast, leaving you jonesing for a refresh after just a few weeks.


There's only one problem: Salon appointments are pricey and time-consuming. You can (and probably should) opt for the recommended Olaplex treatments and fancy color-safe shampoos, but there's an underappreciated way to live in the fresh color space for a lot longer. Enter: DIY hair gloss.

Most salons offer quick glossing treatments, which are amazing for rebooting the vibrancy of your dingy highlights or all-over color, but that requires time and extra cash. Luckily, in talking to a few hair experts, we discovered that that an at-home hair gloss can be just as effective at extending the life of your color. Think of it like a top coat nail polish for your hair.

The pros break down the best hair glosses on the market, ahead.


To extend the lifespan and vibrancy of her clients' color, Rita Hazan (who's worked with Beyoncé, NBD) formulated her own gloss. "Use this foam gloss in-between shampoo and conditioner, focusing on the ends, and you'll see a vast improvement in the lifespan of your color and your shine," Hazan explains. "It's works on every hair color because the base shades are neutral, meaning it won't ever look orange-y or brassy." The best part about this one is there's no wait time, it activates right away, so you're not standing soaking wet for 5 minutes waiting to wash it out.

Good For: All hair textures and colors, but the trick is to find the right shade for your tone. This one comes in clear (which anyone can use), Blonde (to revive highlights), Breaking Brass (which directly combats brassiness), Brown (for brunettes), and Red (to enhance red tones). Whichever you chose, use it as often as you shampoo.

Rita Hazan Ultimate Shine Gloss,$26.00, available at Dermstore.


Color expert Chelsea Scott swears by this mousse gloss by TruHair. "It's a great option if you're feeling like your hair color needs a quick reboot," she explains. "It works to both tone your color and boost volume, so it's a godsend between salon visits."

Good For: Fine hair that needs a boost of shine and a little volume. This one is also colored, so you should chose the shade that best matches the tone of your hair.

truhair Revive & Style - Instant & Temporary Color Mousse, $28.00, available at truhair.


This is a liquid glossing treatment that actually transforms into a creamy consistency when you rub it in — and Scott says it's a real game changer for color treated hair. "In just 10 seconds it restores split ends and completely eliminates frizz," she explains. "After your color appointment, apply this after your shampoo, each time you shower, to restore the hair protein and make your color last longer."

Good For: Dry, over-processed hair. This gloss is infused with keratin protein, which means that it helps rehab breakage. Those with oily scalps might not find much success with this heavier formula.

moremo Moremo Water Treatment & Miracle 10, $31.00, available at the beauty spy.


Alexis Antonellis, colorist at Eddie Arthur Salon IN TK believes in a glaze mask, which is essentially a hair gloss/deep conditioner hybrid. "This both nourishes your hair and protects the color," she says. "Especially coming out of summer, now is a great time to add this to your regimen and continue using it once a week throughout winter."

Good For: Any hair color or texture looking for extra softness and shine. This one is colorless, so it can work for everyone. On finer hair, it should be used as a weekly treatment, while thicker hair types benefit from daily application in lieu of conditioner.

Shu Uemura color lustre hair mask,$68.00, available at Shu Uemura.


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