So, You Want To Get A Bob...


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Who doesn't these days, right? Bella HadidRowan BlanchardTessa Thompson — they've all got 'em, why shouldn't you?

But like lipsticks or foundations, bobs are not a one-size-fits-all sort of deal. Instead, you've got to find what works for you, your routine, and your hair type.

To navigate the perfect bob haircuts, we turned to two top hairstylists for their expert opinions: Leanne Citrone, co-owner and stylist at Andy Lecompte Salon in Los Angeles, and Jon Reyman, founder of bicoastal salon Spoke & Weal. Both Citrone and Reyman categorize the trendy length as a shock-proof cut that won't leave you in tears, and might even inspire you to try more risk-tasking lengths in the future. Reyman likes to call it the "gateway drug" to different, more dramatic cuts.

And how do you know if you should take the plunge? "When you're ready, you're ready," says Citrone. Sound like you? Ahead, all the answers — and inspo — you need.

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If you have: long, chunky layers.
Try: a soft, A-line bob.

Layers can be a trap when you have long hair: Not only do they require a lot of styling to look good, but they can easily make you think you need length to pull off a lived-in, bedhead-y style. The solution? "Bring up the length so the bottom layers live closer to the shortest layer, so it has a stronger perimeter line," Reyman says. "It's a big step, but you will still be able to get that messy, lived-in look."

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Translation: Have your stylist chop off your long layers and leave the shorter ones. The result will be fairly low-shock, since you'll be able to pull off the same styles, minus the "mullet-y" back that heavily layered long hair can have, Reyman explains.

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For some people, the shorter the better. If you're ready for the big chop, go all out and opt for an A-line while you're at it. Ask your stylist to bring your length up an inch shorter in the back, like Jourdan Dunn's cropped bob. When styled, you'll be left with some face-framing volume and an edgy finished look.

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Once your layers are chopped and even, you're set for months with a low-maintenance style that easily transforms into an effortless lob.


If you have: sleek, one-length hair.
Try: a bob with strong fringe.

A long, one-length look is often the byproduct of avoiding any kind of cut or trim, Reyman notes, but it's still one of the most striking ways to wear long hair. Therefore, you need something that will be just as arresting — like Kat Graham's blunt, baby fringe — to allow you to continue wearing your hair as an accessory.

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Like most celebrities these days, Hailey Baldwin loves a textured bob — and her latest, which sits just above the collarbone, is no exception.


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