Exclusive: Joey King Shaved Her Head for The Act and Told Us Why She Loves It


Article by Allure

"There's a bee! Oh my god!" Joey King squeals into the phone. I'm talking from the opposite side of the country to the 19-year-old actor, but her sudden terror was palpable. And it was rather ironic, too, because we'd just been talking about something she's not at all afraid of: shaving her head.


She laughs and gathers her composure to tell me more about her dramatic, newly revealed haircut.

"I've never really had an attachment to my hair. I couldn't care less what happens to it," King says. "No part of me was nervous or was second-guessing it. So many people would ask me, 'Are you really scared?' or 'Are you nervous?' or say, 'You're so brave.' And I'd go, 'I'm not brave. I'm just cutting my hair off.'"

Perhaps one of the reasons King doesn't flinch when the clipper comes for her hair is because this is the third time in eight years that she's shaved her head. She previously went nearly bald when she was 11 for The Dark Knight Rises and again at 14 for Wish I Was Here (actually shaving her own head on- amera for the 2014 Zach Braff film).

And like the last two times, this new buzz cut is for a role: King is starring in The ActHulu's new anthology series about strange and tragic true-crime stories. She plays Gypsy Rose Blanchard, who killed her mother Dee Dee (played by Patricia Arquette) after years of being forced to live her life as a seriously ill child when, in fact, she was perfectly healthy. As part of the ruse, Dee Dee kept Gypsy's head shaved so she would look like a cancer patient — hence King's fully committed haircut.

Despite the especially heavy material that led to the new style, King is embracing and enjoying it. In fact, she feels even freer to play with different makeup looks. "Some days I feel like just throwing on a little mascara, a little bit of a dewy highlight, and then some lip gloss and I'm gone. Some days I want to have a wing and a nice eye shadow," she says of her routine since she's been buzzed. "It's honestly just a preference thing because makeup, especially when you have no hair, is so fun to play around with. I have so many different options."


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