men's Grooming



For all the gentlemen out there



We'll start by selecting a style that complements your face shape. Your beard will look better, and so will you. Next, you can choose between trimming or blading. And last but not least; and because nothing tames a beard like beard oil, enjoy a couple of minutes of pure heaven. Your beard will appreciate it.

men's hair

It's time to take out all those Instagram photos you've been saving for this moment: mastering the perfect haircut.

Your barber will begin by analysing what type of hair you have before the first cut! This way you'll know for sure that this haircut is the right fit for you.

Give yourself time to relax and enjoy looking fresh again! 



If you are feeling like changing more than just the length of your hair, make sure to try our hair colouring services, for a complete wow effect. 

Get that fresh summer look, go ginger, or even dare to get that balayage you've been thinking about.

The time for change is now!


We know some guys just love the curly hair but sometimes there are moments where we know you want to look your best, and by that we mean: Straight hair all the way! I mean, come on, you know you've thought about it. 



Don't be scared! Eyebrow Grooming doesn't mean a huge change, just a couple of trims here and there to make that masculine look a bit more clean and sophisticated.