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I Bought My Favorite Face Mask At Trader Joe's

I feel like Jonathan Van Ness really gets me, you know? He calls all his beauty products "she"; he uses beauty as a conduit into other interesting conversations (figure skating, for instance); and, like me, face masks weren't always his thing. Evidence, in his Top Shelf: "In my 20s, I had too many hormones going on and when I would do a moisture mask it would be like zit city." Same, Jonathan, same. Maybe it's not quite a city in my case—perhaps just a small town or village—but masks, as much as they promise, haven't been cutting it in my routine. If they're not colonizing my forehead with acne, then they're just...not doing much. It's hard not to think, A lot of other products could do this better—and with less sit-at-home-alone time.

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